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Spiritual Discussion Series Continues

Tuesday Conversations:  “Meditative Story”


This Spring’s Tuesday Conversations will center on “Meditative Story” – intriguing testimonies accompanied by atmospheric guided meditations.

    Participants listen to the programs on our own, then we join for discussion on Zoom every first, third and, when there is one, fifth Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Zoom links are sent via the church e-mail list on Mondays preceding meetings. Links for audio and transcripts accompany the descriptions below. 

  Zoom links for meetings are sent via the Walpole UU Church e-mail list. All are welcome, near and far, members, friends, and new folks.  Come to one discussion, or come to all.    

March 7 

Learning resilience from the earth's edge - Tony Tjan, Investor

Tony Tjan grows up in the cold and dramatic landscape of Newfoundland, where snow piles high and storms rage – but the neighbors always keep open a door to help one another.

March 21 

Navigating life in my own skin - Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Zen Buddhist priest

One small girl, in the backseat of her family car, takes a road trip through the segregated South to her father's Louisiana hometown.

April 4 

Riding waves - Paola Antonelli, Architect

“I’ve heard it said that in order to make big decisions, you have to go back to the waters of your birth...a place that makes you serene and open, where your thoughts are clear, and your vibrations are in tune to the vibrations of the world. That place for me is the sea....”

April 18 

To chase the sunset - Florence Williams, Writer. Writer Florence Williams finds herself in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Penny, her former mother-in-law, who is dying of cancer.... The two women sit in the quiet house, in a space between life and death, between rootedness and uncertainty – and yet surrounded, always, by love.

May 2 

Listening to the space around you - Andrew Bird, Musician

Looking for space to recalibrate, Andrew Bird heads to his family's desolate farmhouse. It's there that he begins seeing, sensing and hearing new music.

May 16 

Our tiny meaningful lives in the vast universe - Michelle Thaller, Astronomer

While working on an experiment about the age of the universe, an astronomer is reminded once again about both the impersonal immensity around us, and the deeply personal significance of each of us.

May 30 

I let go of my plan and found myself - Krista Tippett, Journalist

Sitting around tables with arms experts, moving missiles around a map of Europe as if it were a game board, “On Being's” Krista Tippett grabs the moment to dislodge herself from the exhilaration of power, and redirect her life forever.

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