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Spiritual Discussion Series Continues

Tuesday Conversations

This winter, Tuesday Conversations draw upon the archives of a long-time favorite audio show, “This American Life.” “…We do an entertaining kind of journalism that’s built around...stories. Our favorite sorts of stories have compelling people at the center of them, funny moments, big feelings, surprising plot twists, and interesting ideas.” 

All are welcome!

Participants in Tuesday Conversations listen to the programs on our own, then meet on Zoom for discussion every first, third and (when there is one) fifth Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time. Zoom links are sent on the Monday preceding conversations. Episodes are linked below; alternately, you can search “This American Life” and the title of any episode. Links to transcripts are found at the top of the episode page.


Descriptions and most photos are from


December 5   –   In Dog We Trust

Exactly how much are the animals that live in our homes caught up in our everyday family dynamics?




December 19  –  Lights, Camera, Christmas!

People going to great lengths to throw a special Christmas for their families.




January 2 – Greetings, People of Earth

Humans encounter non-human intelligences of various kinds and try to make sense of them.




January 16 –  Talking While Black

Stories about Black people who got tangled up in the current backlash against the countrywide movement to eradicate racism and its evils.




January 30  – Trail of Tears

Twin sisters re-trace the "Trail of Tears" -- the route their Cherokee ancestors took when expelled from their own land.




February 6 –    Valentine's Day 

Stories about couples that all take place decades after that moment their eyes first meet.

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