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    Worship at the Walpole Unitarian Church promises a rich and diverse menu this year using a creative approach to sustainable ministry!

     Reverend Elaine Bomford offers two services a month, and we draw from a large number of other professional and lay speakers. On the first Sunday of the month, we hold Circle Sunday service, a casual time to be together, discuss a topic, play and sing.


Worship Services Winter 2020

December, January, February

Unless otherwise noted, all services begin at 10 a.m.

Sunday, March 1 – Circle Sunday, “Intersectionality,” led by Bronwen Jones.

Sunday, March 8 – “Taking Care” The care we give and receive amongst ourselves in spiritual community is a foundational blessing of congregational life. Every encounter with another, within the congregation and beyond, presents an opportunity to respond in a caring way. Rev. Elaine Bomford reflects with us upon the nature and importance of caring.

Sunday, March 15 – “Maple Syrup Time.” “Anything worthwhile takes a little time,” goes a line from Pete Seeger’s song, “Maple Syrup Time.” Guest speaker and guitarist Keith Penniman will share this and other insights about the history and philosophy of maple sugaring.

Sunday, March 22 – “Spring Equinox: Demeter and Persephone.” With Rev. Elaine, we mark the blessed return of Spring with a nod to the Goddess Demeter and her adventurous daughter, Persephone. Greek mythology and deeper layers of story found in ancient European goddess-centered traditions guide us.

Sunday, March 29 – “Aging as a Spiritual Practice” led by Linda Goodman.
Aging as a spiritual path offers many gifts to those fortunate enough to travel it. We will explore becoming an elder as opposed to growing older, acknowledging that it may take decades of life experience to fully reveal and polish the jewel that is our soul in all its splendor.

Sunday, April 5 – Circle Sunday, “Tigers I Have Known: My work with big cats and other exotic animals, led by Willow Hecht.

Sunday, April 12 – “Easter Sunday.” If you are one of those folks who darken the doorway of a church twice a year (Christmas and Easter), your time has come. If you are someone who is waiting for a good Sunday to come back to church or attend for the first time, come as you are. If you are here often, welcome to this blessed morning in your home church. With Rev. Elaine, we roll away the stone, open the doors, and celebrate Easter.

Sunday, April 19 – “Coming into Our Senses.” As we come into the warmer months of the year, our senses awaken along with all of nature. Rev. Elaine leads us in an appreciation of our lively 5 (or 6!) senses. 

Sunday, April 26 – “Spring Within.” Spring is more than a season of the year –it’s an attitude of the

heart, a “season of the self,” says Rev. Max Coots. Guest speaker Keith Penniman will share readings that encourage us to discover the “spring within.”

Sunday, May 3 – Circle Sunday, “El Camino.” Joanna Andros will share her experience last year when she walked the Camino in Spain.

Sunday, May 10 – Mother’s Day. There will not be a service on this Sunday.

Sunday, May 17 – “Love Beyond Belief.” An exploration of UU minister Thandeka’s hope-filled book” Love Beyond Belief: Finding the Access Point to Spiritual Awareness.” Rev. Elaine introduces us to the path to awareness Thandeka proposes.

Sunday, May 24 – “Poetry & Songs of the Civil War.” A look at the origins of
Memorial Day in words and music of the Civil War era, with guest speaker and guitarist Keith Penniman.

Sunday, May 31 – “Pentecost Sunday: The Tower of Babel.” The story of the Tower of Babel is one of the oldest in the Hebrew Bible. It takes place soon after the events of Noah and the flood, when people in the land of Mesopotamia – what is now Iraq – were building ziggurat towers. Rev. Elaine leads us in a reflection upon its timeless themes.

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