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Our Sunday Services

    Worship at the Walpole Unitarian Church promises a rich and diverse menu this year using a creative approach to sustainable ministry!

     Reverend Elaine Bomford offers two services a month, and we draw from a large number of other professional and lay speakers. On the first Sunday of the month, we hold Circle Sunday service, a casual time to be together, discuss a topic, play and sing.

Unless noted, all services begin at 10 a.m.

We will begin our first step in resuming in-person worship beginning Sunday, June 13, our flower celebration, in our sanctuary.

All fully vaccinated folk are welcome! 

We'll take every safety precaution in accordance with health guidelines. Some may prefer to wear a mask and/or maintain social distance, and are most welcome to do so. Windows will be open and box pews will be available for those who would feel more comfortable.

If you've not received the COVID-19 vaccine, please wait to join us until after you have been fully vaccinated. It will be a joy to be together!

Additionally, through the summer, we’ll examine establishing Wi-fi in the church to give us the flexibility of offering hybrid Zoom services. Other meetings, such as the On-Being discussion group, may continue to be offered via Zoom, as well as church service in inclement weather.

Summer Services 2021

Unless otherwise noted, all services begin at 10 a.m.

Sunday, May 30 – “The Beauty of Graveyards.” The serenely park-like Mount Auburn cemetery in Cambridge; Paris' Père Lachaise, steeped in history; the peaceful ambiance of a country burial ground. Rev. Elaine Bomford leads our Memorial Day observance.

June 6 –– Church Annual Meeting via Zoom!

June 13 –– Flower Celebration, led by Rev. Elaine Bomford. The Flower ceremony, an affirmation of diversity and unity, is a powerful tradition begun by the prophetic and poetic Unitarian Reverend Norbert Capek. Bring a flower (or several) from your home garden or byway to add to the bouquet we will create together. Choose a different flower to take home and appreciate.

June 20 –– Father's Day. “The Silver Eagle” with guest speaker and guitarist Keith Penniman. A personal story about fathers and sons that spans a century.

June 27 –– “Vision,” led by Rev. Elaine Bomford. Teilhard de Chardin wrote “The history of the living world can be summarized as the elaboration of ever more perfect eyes, within a cosmos in which there is always something more to be seen.” Rev. Elaine explores aspects of perspective, seeing, and spiritual vision. 

July 4 –– No church service

July 11–– “Granny D,” led by Rev. Elaine Bomford. With her book “Granny D: Walking Across America in My 90th Year” as our guide, we tap the wisdom and inspiration of Doris Haddock, a retired shoe-factory worker and great-grandmother of twelve who gardened, quilted, cooked, organized, wrote letters, and planned her walk across the country from her home in Dublin, New Hampshire.

July 18 –– “The Beatitudes,” led by Rev. Elaine Bomford. 

      “These are the teachings of Jesus.

        Seeing the crowds, he said to his disciples,
       Blessed are you poor; God’s kingdom belongs to you.
       Blessed are you who are hungry; you will have a feast.
       Blessed are you who weep now; you will laugh.”

    We reflect upon the Beatitudes as found in Christian sources such as The Gospel of Q/Quelle (above), as well as more contemporary words of blessing.

July 25 –– “The Virtues of Aging” with guest speaker and guitarist Keith Penniman. We all know about the downsides. But what about the “virtues” of aging? Some perspectives ancient and contemporary.


The church will be in recess from August 1 through Labor Day.  We’ll gather back together on September 12 for our water communion/ingathering.  Have a lovely break!


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