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Our Sunday Services

      Worship at the Walpole Unitarian Church promises a rich and diverse menu this year using a creative approach to sustainable ministry!

     Reverend Elaine Bomford offers two services a month, and we draw from a large number of other professional and lay speakers. On the first Sunday of the month, we hold Circle Sunday service, a casual time to be together, discuss a topic, play and sing.

Spring Services 2023

March    April    May

Unless otherwise noted, all services begin at 10 a.m.

March 5 – First Sunday, Mellen Kennedy will lead this First Sunday gathering.

March 12 – “Spiritual But Not Religious.” We delve into the nature and history of this powerfully trending spiritual movement, consider its present day effects and implications for the future. Rev. Elaine Bomford.

March 19 – A thoughtful service offered by Mellen Kennedy.

March 26 – “Prayer.” “God is a communicative being,” Jonathan Edwards wrote in the 18th century. Prayer is a form of communication. We explore the language, music, and silence of prayer with Rev. Elaine.

April 2 – First Sunday gathering led by Candace Damon.

April 9 – “Easter” Jesus' teachings and message are “liberal” in the best sense of the word – generous, bountiful, magnanimous, freely-given, open-minded, accepting. We celebrate Easter in a liberal spirit with Rev. Elaine. If you would like to be a Reader for this service, contact Rev. Elaine. All ages of readers are welcome.

April 16 – “Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day” With humility we dedicate morning to remember the Holocaust. Rev. Elaine leads us in a meditative service and lighting of remembrance candles. 

April 23 – “Earth Day Every Day” with guest speaker and guitarist Keith Penniman. A look at ecological activism from the Forest Festivals of 1880 to the first Earth Day to the present.

May 7 – First Sunday gathering led by Dorothy Grover-Read.

May 14 – Mother’s Day, No service this Sunday.

May 21 – “Celia Thaxter: Naturalist, Artist, Mystic and Shoaler” Rev. Elaine shares stories from the extraordinarily creative life of Celia Thaxter, daughter of a lighthouse keeper born 1835 and quasi-Unitarian. If you would like to read a poem by Celia Thaxter in this service, contact Rev. Elaine.

May 28 –“Synchronicity Sunday.” Rev. Elaine preaches on the “invisible currents” Dr. Bernard Beitman describes in his book “Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen.”


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