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The Guests at your table

Who are the “Guests at Your Table?

UUSC project to assist displaced persons


     Hope is a promise to the future. And thanks to generations of caring supporters like you, the Unitarian Universalists Service Committee has delivered on that promise, all around the world, for 75 years.

2018-2019 Theme: Justice Across Borders

This Year's Theme is Justice Across Borders


       From the Northern Triangle of Central America, to deserts of Mexico and Arizona, to detention centers in the United States, the road away from danger is paved with injustices. Partnering with grassroots allies along the Central American migration trail, UUSC addresses root causes, supports migrants in transit, and protects the right to seek asylum. Join with UUSC for Guest at Your Table to learn more about UUSC’s and our nation’s involvement in Central America – historically and presently – and our courageous Migrant Justice partners.

     Guest at Your Table is an annual fundraising and education program that supports UUSC’s human rights work. We invite everyone to take part: individuals, families, small groups, congregations, and community organizations.

     Over the decades, Guest at Your Table has raised millions of dollars for human rights projects that have made a real difference in people’s lives. - See more at:


Please pick up a mailing envelope to return your donation to the UUSC.

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