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Our Virtues...

We voted on what we believe is important to us at this time.

Here are the results.

     At our Family First gathering in March, we discussed the topic of "Virtues," and reviewed the stated virtues of many religious paths from Christian to Buddhist and Hindu, as well as individual declarations of virtue from Benjamin Franklin and William Bennet. We talked about what we considered to be our own personal virtues, and as a gathering, we each voted what we considered to be our 10 virtues of the 28 presented that we most embraced.

     Over the next 10 months, we will dedicate our Family First discussions to the top 10, our own set of virtues that resonate with us at this period in time. We recognize that this is an ever changing list, as our own stated virtues are often a priority depending on what we feel is needed to live in this world at this particular time. 


Walpole Unitarian Church Virtues

In order as voted March 2008







Charity/love for others




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