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Family First Sunday!

A Sustainable Approach to Families and Spirituality 

in the 21st Century!


Sunday's here!  Feeling disconnected from your family in this electronic modular world? 


          No time to cook breakfast? Well, get up, get dressed, and show up at 10 a.m. at the Walpole Unitarian Church’s Hastings Memorial Parish House on Union Street. 

          This will be a hassle-free time for adults or the entire family to interact with other families, and talk with members of the congregation about values and spiritual dimensions in our lives. We’ll have a lovely breakfast or brunch with our family that someone else cooks! We'll talk, we’ll sing, we’ll have fun, and share a meal and our time. 

          Spread the word! Bring a friend! They need not be a family with children, it could be an individual, or a middle-aged woman and her cousin and mother! Families come in many different forms, and sometimes a good friend is as close as family!

           We'll feed your bodies, your curiosity, and your spirit! We are a Welcoming Congregation. Questions?  Call Dorothy, 802-463-9333 or Virginia, 603-756-3948.


Come join us! We'll be waiting for you!


This year, we'll be working on a new edition of our cookbook. We'd love to have you particiate and contribute one (or more) of your favorite family recipes and memories.


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