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SEEK: Spiritual Exploration Empowerment and Knowledge


     Adults and children benefit from our life-long spiritual exploration beyond the Sunday service.


For the Children:

     We explore all the exciting aspects of exploring with our children traditional beliefs as well as the expansive ideas from a diverse and exciting collection of spiritual ideals. Let's see what wonders are common to all beliefs, and look for Universal truths that help guide us through this beautiful journey.


Our Current Program...Exploring a 'World of Wonder!'


Click here for more information: World of Wonder>



Chalice Circles:


If you are interested in joining a Chalice Circle, please contact Dorothy Read


     Our children join us a church service for the beginning of our program, they sing a couple of hymns, hear our announcements, join in our affirmation, and then we have a time special to them. A story, a little talk, and then the children go to their own program.

     One Sunday a month in the winter, we prepare a meal for the homeless shelter in town. The children take an active part in the food preparation, and we have a story or two while the food is cooking.

     During the year, we also have intergenerational services where everyone of all ages are participants, especially our Family First Sundays on the first Sunday of the month..








Our Thursday Meditation Group


     The meditation group meets every Thursday evening, from  7 – 8pm at Hastings House in Walpole. It begins with a reading followed by silent meditation. Everyone is welcome.

"To commit to creating a prophetic congregation today is to grapple with what it means to take responsibility for cocreating the holy right here on earth,"                                                                                           ~ Meg Riley 

Calling all Mystics!


   The Mystics Circle is held on the second Friday evening of every month, beginning with a potluck at 5:30pm, and followed by a discussion at the Hastings Parish House in Walpole on a wonderful range of topics.  If you want more information or to be added to the mystics list, e-mail community member Len at

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