Monadnock Interfaith Project Guiding Council Board


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MIP is made up of like-minded people from various religious faiths in the Monadnock region who wish to make a difference. MIP helps with organizational support to bring about social and racial justice change.

The next steps forward

A group of MIP faith leaders recently met with Keene Mayor Hansel and Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera regarding the next steps in response to an independent commission report regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the Keene area.

MIP is prioritizing the creation of more housing units and supportive services for people that earn under $18 an hour as a full-time worker, which is about 50% of the area median income. There is a huge shortage of homes affordable for people in this income range.

First, research

MIP has been in a research phase the last few months, conducting interviews with over a dozen organizational leaders, staff, and social service agencies and reading through many reports, to better understand the housing landscape in our region.

We have developed an educational PowerPoint about what exists, gaps, and opportunities at different levels.

The next phase

In our next phase, MIP will begin to advocate and work with partners towards the goal of creating more affordable housing units and support services.

MIP is readying a planned expansion of members to include more faith communities and social organizations who can see that collaboration with others can effect positive change in our regional community. Let me know if you are interested in becoming an individual member. WUC is a founding member.

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