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Food Justice


      Our Church has undertaken a conversation about food justice in the region. 


"Growing Local" to be Previewed at Hastings


“Growing Local,” an important film hosted by they Monadnock Conservancy, will be presented at Hastings Memorial Parish House on Saturday, November 14, beginning at 7 p.m. 

It is one of a series of seven films being shown in the region as part of the Feast on This! Film Festival.  

According to the information about the film, “Three poignant vignettes educate the interconnected fates of New England’s small farms, consumers, and the buy local movement.”  

A panel of local farmers will also be on hand for discussion after the film.  



            Unitarian Universalist Congregations are guided by 7 Principles of belief, the seventh being:  Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part.  

          As religious people we exist in community, and we determine the boundaries of that community.  For UUs it includes the entire Earth.  

          We admit to our profound dependence upon and interconnection with God, the Earth, and each other for our continued and healthy existence.  We know that a church is only as strong as the relationships it cultivates and nurtures in the region it serves.  

          This year we are focusing the skill and passion of our congregation on Food Justice and are interested in developing a web of relationship among those who work as farmers and legislators, among those who attend grange meetings and serve food pantries and soup kitchens.  We see the connection between healthy people, healthy soil, healthy water, and a healthy Earth and want to do our part to affirm and enhance it.

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