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A perfect local holiday gift!

Let's Celebrate the Food of Our Families and Memories.

Let's Feed Each Other in a Hungry World

Books now availble

Cookbooks will be available at: Galloway Real Estate, Mountain View Winery, Bensonwood, Walpole Grocery, Walpole Artisans, in Walpole, and Village Square Booksellers, and Cafe 7 in Bellows Falls.


    The Walpole Unitarian Church has produced fundraising cookbooks from time to time, and we have here the latest installment. This is a collection of favorite recipes, secret family recipes, old and new recipes, some with a modern twist, some old standbys, some passed through generations, and many with a story attached. Simple or complicated, what they all have in common is that they are threads in the fabric of someone’s life, and thus, our Congregation and the larger community, for we are all part of the interconnected web of life.

    We spent a year of our Family First Potluck Sundays preparing dishes to offer each other from what would become the categories of this cookbook. We shared the dish and the recipe, and created a whole new set of special food memories in the process! We used locally produced food where possible, and focused of course on dishes that are easy to share with others.

    That’s what it’s all about! Sharing the food and memories.

    Our food and bake sales are popular in the community, and we’ve included recipes for some of the area’s favorites. Additionally, we have a few of out Cookie Bake-off award winners!

    You will find here a “jazzy” blueprint for making any kind of soup, appetizers that will entice your guests, some vintage offerings, and lots of ideas for chicken and vegetarian meals, with influences from around the globe. There are quick week-night dishes like Rev. Elaine Bomford’s Chili Rice Casserole, and slow food delights such as Three Friends’ Sourdough Bread. We have recipes from those no longer with us, and from those of the next generations who will take our place!

     We even have a 50-year-old recipe for baked beans from a 100-year-old man!

    Sharing food has always nourished us on many levels. We pause, we come together, we share food and time, and then move on to the next great moment. May your moments be filled with laughter and friendship, and lots of wonderful meals!


~ Dorothy Read, editor


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